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Information for Graduate Employees (TAs, RAs, GAs)

The information below is for graduate students in French and Francophone Studies; Germanic Studies; Hispanic and Italian Studies; and Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian Studies who have been offered TA, RA, or GA appointments by their department.

For New TAs
Arrival in Chicago and First Steps
Orientation for new TAs

For all TAs
Offer Letters
Tuition Waivers and What You Pay
Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
Teaching Assignments
Your Union (TAs and RAs)

Other pages to check Heading link

Arrival in Chicago and First Steps Heading link

New domestic TAs

  • Plan to arrive in Chicago by August 10.
  • Watch for and respond to all emails from Candace Hoover (
  • Complete your New Hire documents with Candace as quickly as possible.

New international TAs

  • Plan to arrive in Chicago by August 1.
    ⤷ You can arrive in the US 30 days prior to the start of the semester, but not before, so keep this in mind before you book your flight!
  • Watch for and respond to all emails from Candace Hoover (
  • Complete your New Hire documents with Candace as quickly as possible.
  • Check in with OIS as soon as you arrive and no later than August 16.
  • After arrival, apply for you Social Security Number (SSN).
    ⤷ The Support Letter can be signed by the BLP Director/Coordinator for your program. If they are not available, it can be signed by your DGS, the Head of your department, or the School HR Manager.
    Please try to complete this before classes begin as it can be time consuming!
  • Complete the “Foreign National Tax Status Appointment.” Set up your appointment online.
    ⤷ You will not be able to do this until you receive your SSN.
    ⤷ Once you have the SSN, you should schedule your appointment as soon as possible to avoid being taxed at the highest rate!

Orientation (TAs only) Heading link

All TAs must attend their department orientation the week before classes begin (or beginning August 16th, whichever is later).

The schedule will be sent by your department BLP Directors/ Coordinators the week before.

You are not required to attend the Campus-Wide New Teaching Assistant (TA) Orientation.

Offer Letters Heading link

New TAs/RAs/GAs

  • You should have received your offer letter shortly after receiving notification of your admission.
  • Signed offer letters should be returned by April 15

Returning TAs/RAs/GAs

  • Fall offer letters will be issued by July 1
  • Spring offer letters will be issued by November 15
  • Please return signed offer letters by the date indicated in the letter.

Tuition Waivers and What You Will Pay Heading link

IMPORTANT: Tuition waivers take a while to be processed in the system. Until your waiver is processed, you may see a very large amount due. Waivers should be applied by 9/24 (Fall) and 2/24 (Spring). Please be patient!
You can wait to pay your bill until the waiver is processed.

Appointment Requirements for a Waiver

  • TAs, RAs, and GAs who have an appointment of 25% – 67% are eligible to receive a tuition and fee waiver.
  • If you have multiple appointments below 25% that add up to a percentage in the eligibility range, you are eligible for a waiver.

Registration Requirements for a Waiver

  • TAs, RAs, and GAs must register for at least 8 hours and can register for up to 16 hours to receive a waiver. (Registration beyond 16 hours requires DGS approval.)
  • International students registered for less than 9 hours must submit a copy of their offer letter showing a 50% appointment through myOIS to receive a reduced courseload allowance.

What the Waiver Covers

The waiver for TAs, RAs, and GAs covers 100% of the following:

  • Graduate Tuition
  • Service Fee
  • Health Service Fee
  • Academic Facility Maintenance Fund Assessment
  • Library and Information Technology Assessment

It also covers part of the:

  • Health Insurance Fee (CampusCare) – amount based on GEO contract
  • International Student Fee – 50%

Not covered by the waiver are:

  • General Fee
  • Student to Student Fee
  • Sustainability Fee
  • portion of Health Insurance Fee not covered by the waiver
  • International Student Fee – 50%
  • U-Pass
  • International Orientation Fee (charged to new international students in their first semester)

For details on these items see the Graduate Tuition and Fees on the Registrar’s website. (NOTE: Our programs do not have differentials.)

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Heading link

Graduate employees receive health insurance benefits through CampusCare. For details, please visit the CampusCare website or see our Information for All Graduate Students page.

Dental benefits are provided automatically for all students receiving a UIC tuition and fee waiver. There is no fee for these benefits. You just pay for the services you use. All covered dental services are provided through UIC’s Faculty Dental Practice. Appointments can be made by calling 312-355-1401.

Vision benefits are also provided for students receiving a UIC tuition and fee waiver without any fee. This benefit covers annual eye exams (for free!) from in-network providers as well as provides a discount other services.

For details on the dental and vision benefits, please see the relevant UIC HR page.

Teaching Assignments (TAs) Heading link

TAs will receive teaching assignments:

  • early August for Fall semester
  • mid-December for Spring semester

They will be sent by the respective BLP Director/Coordinator.

Paychecks Heading link

Payday is the 16th of each month.

Generally, you can expect your first paycheck on September 16th.

If you do not complete your New Hire process with Candace by August 16th, you may be paid late!

Occasionally, international students will experience late payment due to additional approvals and clearances being needed. Completing your first steps early will help avoid this!

Your Union (TAs and RAs) Heading link

TAs and RAs with an appointment between 25% and 67% are represented by the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO).

Resignation Heading link

In the event that you need to resign from your assistantship, you must submit a signed resignation letter stating your last day of employment to Candace Hoover ( and your Department Head.

You are strongly encouraged to speak with your DGS and Candace before submitting your resignation to ensure you understand its effects.