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Why Study Languages?

Wondering what learning a language can do for you (beyond fulfilling a graduation requirement)?

Below are just some of the wonderful benefits language learning brings with it.

Brain Gains

cartoon of a weightlifting brain
  • Higher test scores 1 2
  • Longer attention span
  • Increase mental flexibility / creativity 3
  • Better memory 4 5 6
  • Enhance ability to form hypotheses / think scientifically 7
  • Improve skills in other fields like writing, reading, vocabulary, reasoning

Open World View

diverse mixed group of students hold and look at a globe
  • Reduce decision biases 8
  • Explore new cultures

Career Boosts

a blond white woman holds out a fan of $100 bills
  • Higher earnings for bilinguals 9 10
  • Multilingualism is critical for business success 11

Lifelong Health Benefits

old couple sitting on a bench at the beach seen from behind
  • Delay Alzheimer’s 12 and decrease its impacts
  • Retain function after a stroke 13
  • Continue brain growth 14
a male French instructor works with a diverse, mixed group of students

Professors and Programs That Care

Our classes are small and designed for student interaction. You’ll get one-on-one attention from your professors.

The faculty in our departments routinely win teaching and mentoring awards. They are leaders in teaching at UIC and care about their students.

The Sandi Port Errant Language and Culture Learning Center hosts fun groups with conversation hours, films, and lectures to practice speaking. They also offer peer tutoring in several languages.

Above all, each faculty member has a real passion for helping you meet your goals. Hispanic Studies professor Margarita Saona says, “It is really rewarding to see students’ faces light-up when they suddenly understand something they had not noticed before.”