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Current Semester Course Descriptions

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LCSL 250 Heading link

LCSL 250 flyer

Introduction to Comparative Cultural Studies

On Campus, TR 9:30-10:45
Instructor: Dr. Michał Markowski
One of the most essential and desirable skills in today’s divided and conflicted world is understanding how people live, work, and create in a multicultural environment. Join us as we explore how authors and artists represent and problematize the boundaries of national and cultural identities. How do we define those identities? Is “international” better than “national”? What does it mean in terms of culture to colonize and be colonized? How does globalization impact artistic individuality? How does translating texts and cultures allow the global circulation of ideas? The course will help students better comprehend how the specificity of national cultures is appropriated and consumed by readers and audiences across the “world.” Emphasis on diverse worldviews across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Francophone cultures and their interactions. Competencies developed: analysis, critical thinking, equity & inclusion, and intercultural communication.
The course format implies active participation and discussion of reading materials in English.
Creative Arts; World Cultures
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