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Funding LCSL Graduate Student Conference Travel

Presenting your scholarship at conferences is an integral part of your professional development as a graduate student in the School of LCSL. Conference participation gives you the opportunity to meet others in your field, keep informed of the latest research, and build an academic reputation based on your work.

Funding sources for graduate student travel to conferences: Heading link

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel Award (up to $275)

  • Students must apply during the quarter (ending July 31st, October 31st, January 31st, April 30th) in which the conference travel takes place. See website for rules and application procedures.

Graduate College (GC) Presenter Award ($100-$200, depending on matching funds up to $100 from LCSL, see below)

  • Students cannot apply until AFTER they have completed their travel but must apply by the last day of the month in which they completed the conference travel. See website for rules and application procedures.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to have applications reviewed by the Graduate Program Administrator before submitting to the Graduate College.

LCSL Award for Graduate Support (up to $500)

  • Available to PhD and second-year MA students (and to first-year MA students with the permission of their Director of Graduate Studies, obtained by email and submitted with the application) in the School of LCSL.
  • Note that students may apply for funds from the LCSL Support for Graduate Students Award for two conferences a year for a maximum of $500 per year.
  • In order to be eligible for the LCSL Support for Graduate Students Award and to maximize all funds available, students should follow the guidelines below.

For the first conference:

  1. If costs are between $100 and $274, you can apply directly to LCSL (without applying to the GSC or GC first).
  2. If costs are $275, apply to the GSC.
  3. If costs are between $276 and $574, apply first to the GSC and then to the LCSL (without applying to the GC first).
  4. If the costs are greater than $575, apply first to the GSC and the GC (with matching funds from the LCSL). Then, an additional $400 can be awarded from LCSL (for up to a total of $500 from the LCSL and a total of $975 in travel support).

If you travel for a second conference, and you did not use the full $500 available through the LCSL for the first conference, then:

  1. First, apply for GC and GSC funds if these were not used the first time for the first conference (for example, 1a, 1b, 1c above).
  2. Then apply for the remaining LCSL funds.

If awarded the LCSL Support for Graduate Students Award, students are strongly encouraged to work with Abby Stahl ( to pay directly through the School for the conference registration and other concrete up-front costs whenever possible.

President’s Research in Diversity Travel Assistance Program (up to $600)

  • Students are also encouraged to apply for this competitive award that was established for the purpose of promoting diversity and the understanding of diversity within the University. Awards are made biannually with applications generally being due in September and January. See website for eligibility, rules, and application procedures.

Students should also consult their Director of Graduate Studies and their advisor for additional field-specific funding awards for conference travel.

International Travel Insurance Requirements Heading link

All UIC students on university-authorized travel abroad must enroll in the International Travel Safety roster and obtain the University of Illinois System’s comprehensive insurance plan through the ITS roster. This includes graduate students travelling for research or to participate in conferences.

Required insurance-related expenses are eligible for reimbursement and should be included in your budget.

This policy does not cover students’ personal travel that is unrelated to work or academic duties at UIC.

To review the ITS policy and access the enrollment roster, please visit the following website: international -travel-safety-enrollment/