Funding Research and Travel

There are multiple funding opportunities available at UIC. Please explore the links below for more information on funding sources pertinent to LCSL faculty members.


Institute for the Humanities

The Institute for the Humanities offers Faculty Fellowships. Applications are due in November for the following academic year. These fellowships release faculty from all formal teaching and administrative obligations during the period of the fellowship year. All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty in humanities and related disciplines at the rank of Assistant Professor and above are eligible to apply for this award. Those faculty who have been Institute fellows are eligible to apply for a second fellowship five years after their former fellowship elapsed (2004-2005 or earlier). Those who have had two fellowships are eligible to reapply ten years after their last fellowship elapsed (1999-2000 or earlier).


Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy

For faculty whose work aligns with the mission of the Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy, there are multiple faculty fellowships available. Applications are due in November for the following academic year.

Research and Travel Awards

  • If you are an Assistant Professor, please apply first to the College for its Junior Research Award. You may apply up to three times per year. Apply early! Money runs out before the end of the semester.
  • If you are traveling abroad, apply to the College’s Foreign Travel Award for matching funds.
  • The Office of Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs offers up to $1,000 to tenure-track faculty to support research through its Faculty Scholarship Support Program.¬†You may receive support for multiple years.
  • The School Travel Fund for clinical assistant, clinical associate¬†and visiting assistant professors. (Closed for 2018-2019.)
  • For additional sources of funding for faculty research support, see the LAS Faculty Research Support page.
  • For information on faculty awards, see the Campus Faculty Awards page.