Small Events

Organized by LCSL Departments

Department Meetings, Catering-Only, etc.

Please contact LCSL staff early in the event planning stages. If dates are flexible the staff can help you select times and dates to prevent event overlap.

Below are some guidelines for the logistics (rooms, catering, publicity, etc.) of a small event. If you have questions about things not included here, please see our page on large events or email Abby ( with questions.

Reserving Rooms

Reserving Library 1-470, the Humanities Institute, a Lecture Center, or a room in SCE need to be done at least 8 weeks ahead of time.

  • To reserve one of our conference rooms, contact We will eventually need to know how you would like the room to be configured (conference table vs. theater style) and if you will be having any food at the event. If you don’t have those details yet, but would like to reserve the room, that’s fine.
  • Library 1-470, Humanities Institute, Hull House, or SCE conference rooms should be booked at least 8 weeks out. To reserve these rooms, please contact Abby ( who will request the rooms on your behalf.

Event Posters

LCSL staff can help you design posters and coordinate their printing. Time frame varies depending on size and complexity. In most cases, design takes 1-2 weeks.

11 x 17 posters must be printed by Creative and Digital Services. This takes 2-5 days and will be charged to your event budget.

8.5 x 11 posters can be printed in-house usually the same day.

Please talk to Abby about poster design, including any color or image preferences.


Meet with Abby about catering needs.

Catering is usually ordered 1-2 weeks before an event depending on the size of the order.

Announcing Your Events

If you let us know about your events, we will add them to the LCSL and your department website calendars. We will also add them to the UIC Today events listing. Additionally, we’ll do our best to promote your event on the School’s Twitter account.