Funding Conference Travel

Presenting your scholarship at conferences is an integral part of your professional development as a graduate student in the humanities. Conference participation gives you the opportunity to meet others in your field, keep informed of the latest research, and build an academic reputation based on your work.

There are three main funding sources for graduate student travel to conferences:

Graduate Student Council Travel Award (up to $275)

  • Students must apply during the quarter in which the conference takes place. See website for rules and application procedures.

Graduate College Presenter Award ($100)

  • Students cannot apply until AFTER they have completed their travel.

Award for Graduate Support from the School (up to $500)

  • Available to PhD and second-year MA students (and to first-year MA students by petition).
  • Students must present proof that they have exhausted (or requested, and been denied) funding from all of the external sources listed above in order to apply for School funding.