Language Tutoring


We offer two types of FREE language tutoring for students enrolled in our courses.

All tutoring is drop-in only! Sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You cannot register or sign up. See the links below for tutor availability.

Please do drop in!

Instructor-Led Tutoring - 1650 UH

The Language and Writing Studio on the 16th floor of UH can assist foreign language students with the following:

For 100-level language courses, you can meet with a language tutor

For major/minor writing courses, level 200 and up, you can meet with a language-specific writing coach

Language tutors and writing coaches offer 30-minute, one-on-one sessions.
See schedules below for days, times, and available coaches. A "W" next to the person's name indicates a designated writing coach.

Schedule of available tutoring by language:

What our language tutors and writing coaches CAN do:
  • Help you organize a writing assignment
  • Give you feedback on the clarity of your thesis
  • Offer tips on genre-specific language use and word choices
What our language tutors and writing coaches CANNOT do:
  • Correct or proofread your paper
What YOU should do to get the most out of your session:
  • Prepare specific questions.
  • Bring your book, workbook, or paper.
  • Bring a copy of the assignment.
  • In short, Come prepared.


Peer Tutoring - 305 GH

The Language and Culture Learning Center offers language peer tutoring on the 3rd floor of Grant Hall. Schedule and more information is available on their website.

SPRING 2019: Peer tutoring is available for 100-level students in French, German, and Italian.

Find out more about the LCLC language peer tutoring program and see the schedule for peer tutors.

Peer tutors are UIC students who know what UIC language classes are like and have been trained to help other students enjoy and do well in their language classes. Peer tutors aim to:

  • Share learning strategies that have worked for them
  • Help you develop problem-solving skills that help in language classes and all classes
  • Provide another way for you to connect with your instructor
  • Show you that learning languages at UIC can be really fun!

Language peer tutors can help with:

  • questions about grammar, reading, writing, speaking, homework (online and on paper)
  • tips on study strategies for our UIC language classes

Learn more about UIC's language peer tutoring program and see the schedule for peer tutors

Tips for writing in a foreign language 

Learn what fellow students find challenging about writing in a foreign language and how they have become good writers.

Listen to UIC professors and learn which difficulties they faced when writing in a foreign language and what advice they have for students.