Linguistics Laboratories

Welcome to Linguistic research in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies! There are several labs within the department doing exciting linguistic research:

Bilingualism Research Lab

Directors: Kay González and Luis López

The research focus of the Bilingualism Research Lab is to investigate the linguistic competence of bilingual speakers as a window to understanding the human faculty of language.

Cognition of Second Language Acquisition Laboratory

Director: Kara Morgan-Short

The Cognition of Second Language Acquisition Lab conducts research on the neurocognitive processing of language among different speakers and learners.

Language in Context Research Group (LICORG)

Co-Directors: Kim Potowski and Richard Cameron

The Language in Context Research Group (LICORG) studies how languages are used within their social contexts.


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Multilingual Phonology Laboratory

Directors: Jennifer Cabrelli Amaro 


The Multilingual Phonology Laboratory examines second and third language acquisition as well as attrition, viewing these instances as pieces of a puzzle related to larger questions of linguistic representation and cognition.