Why Study Polish?

To connect with one of the most intellectually and culturally dynamic countries in Europe today:

Together with Germany, Poland is becoming one of the new economic engines of the region.  Entry into the European Union has brought funding for a wealth of cultural and scholarly initiatives to Poland in the past decade. For this reason, knowledge of Polish opens doors to students for participation in non-profit, government, scholarly and cultural institutions in Poland, or in business initiatives in Poland – either as part of summer or year-long initiatives, or after graduation.

For UIC’s large Polish-American student population:

The study of Polish language allows students to deepen their knowledge of a language of which they may be heritage speakers;  or to gain professional functionality (writing and reading proficiency) in a language of which they have only a spoken knowledge.

For programs outside the classroom:

1-2 International Conferences annually, held at Chopin Theatre in Chicago or on the UIC campus, that promote both leading figures and developments in contemporary Polish culture and current scholarship in the field of Polish Studies, to both academic and non-academic audiences. These conferences allow students to meet Polish artists and writers first-hand, to become familiar with currents in contemporary Polish cultural life, and to make contact with scholars in the field of Polish studies.

Polish Conversation Club and Polish Film Club in GH 308.