Major and Minor in Polish

A baccalaureate degree in Polish, or a minor in Polish combined with another major, provides important language skills and a solid understanding of Slavic and Baltic cultures. These are a strong asset for many jobs, especially those in the following areas:
  • federal, state, and city agencies
  • the armed forces
  • national security establishments
  • banks and businesses dealing with Eastern Europe
  • publishing and data-gathering companies
  • transportation and tourist industries
  • ethnic cultural services and organizations, such as cultural centers, libraries and museums, ethnically oriented public media, etc.

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All incoming and continuing majors and minors should contact Elsa Arteaga (, the academic advisor for the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics, for an advising appointment.

Prospective students are encouraged to review the degree requirements (available through the links below) and to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Director of Undergraduate Studies

For further information regarding the major or minor in Polish or the specific content of courses, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Professor Karen Underhill 
1614 University Hall