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  • Date(s): Thursday, 1/23 4:00 PM to Thursday, 1/23 6:00 PM
  • Campus Address: 1501 UH
Michal Markowski, Head of the Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures will present the inaugural talk of the new lecture series Forum on 15. Professor Markowski will present "Essences and Props: Memory and Forgetting from Plato to Google."

Short description of this lecture:

Drawing upon philosophical, literary and cultural material from Plato and Cicero to Proust and digital memory, this lecture reconstructs the dialectics of memory, on the one hand natural and “authentic” as internalized past, and, on the other, artificial due to its reliance on external devices. The contemporary desire to transcend forgetting by storing all available data on external devices seems to contradict the Platonic urge to keep internal memory alive. There is, however, a surprising continuity between the digital age and the Platonic paradigm, for we remain convinced that death and memory are mutually exclusive. From this point of view Google, a sophisticated Platonic project that aims to transcend human contingency, is an overtly theological enterprise.