About Religious Studies

The program in Religious Studies at UIC is the starting point for the academic study of religion on campus. Its mission is to educate undergraduates in the nature, history, and function of the many different religions around the globe, individually and comparatively, as well as to introduce students to the theological and philosophical bases for religion itself. What is the nature of god(s)? Why do people believe? Why are there so many faiths out there? How are they different? How are they the same?

Our core courses approach religion from a variety of perspectives, situating religions in their cultural and social contexts while examining the roles they play in shaping human affairs. Meanwhile, our faculty come from dozens of departments throughout the university, ensuring a broad approach to the study of religion. Students minoring in Religious Studies may, if they wish, develop areas of concentration within the minor, including but not limited to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Our hope is that students will develop a variety of tools, perspectives, and methods for interpreting and understanding religion in the world, thereby preparing them to live and thrive in an increasingly pluralistic, global community.