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Four PhD Candidates Successfully Defend Dissertations

Four PhD candidates in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies recently successfully defended their dissertations.

Yanire Márquez – dissertation: “Shattering the Limits of Visual Cinema: Haptic and Sensorial Visuality in Spanish Women Filmmakers” (director: Steven Marsh)

Andrés Aluma-Cazorla – dissertation: “From the Neo-Picaresque to the Neo-Noir: Black Humor and Violence in the Contemporary Colombian Novel” (director: Dianna Niebylski)

Sara Stefanich – dissertation: “A Morphophonological Account of Spanish/English Word-Internal Codeswitching” (director: Jennifer Cabrelli)

Alicia Luque-Ferreras – dissertation: “Inhibitory Control and First Language Flexibility in Second Language Learning: A Neurocognitive Study” (director: Kara Morgan-Short)

Congratulations to all our newly minted PhDs!