Minor in Moving Image Arts

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and The College of Architecture, Design and the Arts offer an undergraduate minor in Moving Image Arts. The minor is an academic option that students may choose if they wish to complement their major field of study with focused knowledge in the creation and analysis of film, television, video, and new digital media works. Students receive instruction in media history, aesthetics, theory, and technique. They will develop interpretive and critical thinking skills, learn about media history and forms, and acquire the practical skills called for in advanced work in film writing, criticism, and scholarship. They will also gain experience with the techniques involved in film, video, and new media production.

As a complement to any major, the Minor encourages students to consider Moving Image Arts from the perspective of other disciplines and professional fields. Minor courses can be taken in tandem with a vast range of majors, including Business, English, Art History, Foreign Languages, History, and Sociology. New courses about or related to Moving Image Arts are regularly added to a variety of curricula at UIC, so please read the Schedule of Classes closely and consult with Professor Sara Hall (sahall@uic.edu), faculty advisor for the minor, to discuss requirement substitutions and additional possible electives.