Xuehua Xiang

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics, Basic Language Program Coordinator for Chinese

PhD in Applied Linguistics

As a discourse analyst (Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese, Shishan [a Tai-Kadai language spoken on northern Hainan Island, China]), my primary interest lies in using empirical lenses (discourse analysis, conversation analysis, distributional analysis, and cognitive-functional perspectives) to investigate the interface of grammar and interaction, and the interplay of language, culture and communication.  My work has centered on three areas: 1) discourse particles (modal particles, focus particles, and utterance-final pragmatic particles); 2) English-Mandarin comparative analyses of the role of culture on verbal communication; 3) situated discursive practices, including lottery talk, marketplace interactions, naming practices and L2 learner’s language-use for learning.

Recent Publications:

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2012). A discourse study of conversations concerning the lottery in a rural town on Hainan Island (Southern China). Concentric: Studies in Linguistics 38 (2): 269-294.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2012). Statements as questions in interviews with celebrities: A Mandarin Chinese and American English comparative perspective on a questioning strategy. Discourse, Context and Media 1 (4): 160–172.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2012). Constructing the “tellables”: An English-Chinese comparative study of question-word interrogatives in interviews of celebrities on talk shows. Chinese Language and Discourse 3:2: 247–272.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2012). Linguistic and cultural characteristics of the domain names of the top-fifty most-visited websites in the US and in China: A cross-linguistic study of domain Names and e-branding. Names: A Journal of Onomastics 60 (4): 210-219.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2012). External information processing vs. property-ascertaining: A discourse-pragmatic study of three yes/no question particles in Shishan (Hainan Island, China). Text & Talk 32 (2): 255-280.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2011). Constraint reality: Linguistic expressions of restrictivity and emotive stances: A discourse-pragmatic study of utterance-final lah in Shishan (Hainan Island, China). Lingua 121 (8): 1377-1400.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2009). Addition and reassessment: Preverbal particle ah in Shishan (Hainan Island, China). Text & Talk 29 (1): 99-124.
  • Strauss, Susan and Xiang, Xuehua. (2009). (equal authorship). Discourse particles: Where cognition and interaction intersect - The case of final particle ey in Shishan dialect (Hainan Island, P.R. China). Journal of Pragmatics 41: 1287-1312.
  • Strauss, Susan and Xiang, Xuehua. (2006). The writing conference as a locus of emergent agency. Written Communication 23: 355-396.
  • Xiang, Xuehua. (2003). Multiplicity of self in public discourse: A comparative analysis of the use of personal references in two sports radio shows in the U.S. and China. Language Sciences, 25, 489-514.
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Office: 1713 UH, MC 315
Phone: 312-996-5588
Fax: 312-413-1044
Email: xxiang@uic.edu