We hope to expand the program with your support and enrollment. It is our goal to provide a supportive and effective learning environment; we aim to offer students a sustainable and expandable knowledge of Chinese which will help you connect to Chinese people all around the world, connect to your own heritage, and expand the horizon of possibilities.

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We currently offer two tracks of the Chinese Basic Language Program, as well as several advanced courses. Both tracks can be used to satisfy the LAS Foreign Language Requirement:

The Foreign Language Requirement may be fulfilled by passing Chinese 104 or Chinese 112, or passing the Chinese Placement Test. In the case of you passing the Placement Test, you will be provided an assessment verification which you can then show to your academic advisor.

Placement Tests

Information about how to complete the required placement procedure can be found on the Chinese Program's Blog site (

All students, with the exception of students who have absolutely no previous instruction or contact with Chinese, must take the Chinese Placement Test. The Chinese Placement Test is administered by the Office of Testing Services. Please contact the Office of Testing Services to schedule a placement test.

The Placement Test is two hours and consists of two sections: Section I is the multiple-choice section, which focuses on grammatical structures, vocabulary knowledge, expressions and phrases communicative situations and cultural knowledge. Section II is the writing section, with two specific writing tasks. Preparation for the test is not necessary. No dictionary or other references are allowed during the test. You may request either the Traditional Character version of the test of the Simplified Character version.

If you are a transfer student and have transferred UIC Chinese language credits from your previous institution, or if you have taken the Chinese Advanced Placement Test and transferred Chinese language credits, and you want to continue to study Chinese at UIC, you are required to follow the same placement procedure (completing the Chinese Placement Text and contacting the Chinese Program Coordinator to obtain course approval). Students who have taken the Chinese Advanced Placement Test may consult UIC's AP Placement Page for proper interpretations of their AP score, and for information regarding credit for Chinese at UIC and class exemption/placement.