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The MA in Linguistics (TESOL) has been cancelled. We can no longer accept new students.

The Minor and our Languages continue.

Our Program: Master of Arts in Linguistics (TESOL)


The Master's degree in Linguistics (TESOL) integrates the study of language theory with practical applications and focuses on the language acquisition needs of the adult or near-adult learner of an additional language. We provide our graduate students with the theoretical foundation and practical skills and experience they need to become professionals in the field. Our graduates go on to work throughout the United States and the world in classroom teaching, teacher training, materials and curriculum development, and program administration. 

Here, some students share their experiences.

Our Research:

Our faculty are involved in research in language learning, teaching and use. Research in second language instruction can help newcomers to this country and learners in other countries gain access to resources that knowledge of additional languages can provide. 

Alumni Spotlight:

Program alumni are work in a variety of professional and academic settings, both in the US and abroad.  Read about some of them below.

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