German film screening and discussion with Hall, Schultz, and Fitzpatrick

Jun 02, 2016

Professor Sara Hall and graduate students Christina Schultz and Zachary Fitzpatrick will introduce and lead a discussion of the popular German film "Suck Me Shakespeer/Fack Ju Göhte" (Bora Dagtekin, 2014) at the International Screenings series at the Chicago Cultural Center.

In this recent box-office hit from Germany, a newly released convict becomes the world’s worst substitute teacher in order to get to his stolen cash, which has been buried under the school’s gym. With rapid-fire dialogue, amusingly over-the-top antics, and terrific chemistry between its two leads, this hysterical high-school comedy is full of hijinks and wild humor.
German with subtitles.

This screening is co-sponsored by the Goethe Institut and the Chicago International Film Festival. The event is free to the public and takes place at 6:30 on Wednesday June 8th in the Claudia Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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