Annual Hejna Polish Studies Poetry Translation Contest

Feb 12, 2016

Announcing: The Second Annual Hejna Polish Studies Poetry Translation Contest


We invite all students of Polish language and heritage to participate in the second annual Polish poetry translation contest.  Translation is of utmost importance for minor literatures such as that of Poland and there are still many poems and poets who have gone un-translated.  We are hoping that through this annual contest, we can add to the literary tradition of translation into English, one beautiful poem at a time. We had over 20 translation submissions last year and hope that even more of you will participate in this year's contest!

Students who are not native speakers and have taken less than 3 semesters of formal language study are invited to the Beginning Level competition.

Students who are heritage or native speakers, or have had more than 5 semesters of formal language study are invited to the Advanced Level of competition.

Graduate students of all language levels are invited to their own Graduate Level of competition.

Prizes awarded for the best translation are as follows:

Beginning, $75

Advanced, $125

Graduate, $250


Poetry Selections 2016

Beginning Level

Leopold Staff  “Mowa”

Prize: $75


Advanced Level

Marcin Świetlicki “Polska”

Prize: $125


Graduate Level

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński “Rzeczy niepokój”

Prize: $250


All submissions must include a paragraph about the process of translation and approach to the poem. 

Translations are due in electronic format on Monday, April 4th to (PDFs are preferred). 

Finalists will receive notice by Monday, April 25th

Everyone is invited to the poetry reading and awards ceremony on Thursday, April 28th at 4pm in 1501UH.

Contact Anna Szawara with questions as well as to submit your translation

The poems can be found on our website: