Video Essay/Blog contest "Cold Wars: Old and New" winners announced

Feb 08, 2016
We are pleased to announce and congratulate the winners of our Video Essay/Blog contest on the Topic "Cold Wars: Old and New." 
The contest was part of a Campus Week commemorating 25 Years of German Unity, sponsored by the German Information Center and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.
First Prize ($300):
Tahaylia Higgins
Second Prize ($200):
Hyojung Jullie Han
Third Prize ($100)
Thomas Von Moss

The contest was open to UIC undergraduate students of any major, who were asked to respond to the following questions in either a video essay or blog:

What can we learn about ending the Cold War mindset from the reunification of Germany 25 years ago? Is such a mindset inevitable and inescapable? Or might we be able to avoid such a mindset in our foreign policy today? If so, how?

This video essay/blog contest asks you compare contemporary examples of new Cold Wars with the (apparent) end of the Cold War in Germany 25 year ago and relate what people and countries can do to make a difference today.