Rob Ryder and Zachary Fitzpatrick speak at 2015 TechTeach conference

Nov 20, 2015
Basic Language Program Director Dr. Rob Ryder and MA student Zachary Fitzpatrick will speak at the 2015 TeachTech: Building Student Success Conference on November 17, 2015. Their session will take place at 1 pm in the White Oak Room of SCE.

VidHub and Kahoot: Online Discussion and In-class Activities with Video

  • Robert Ryder, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Zachary Fitzpatrick, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Have you heard of VidHub or Kahoot? VidHub allows students to post online comments to their colleagues as they watch the film. Applied in the classroom, Kahoot uses students’ own devices to conduct game quizzes, surveys, and even discussion questions with results for all to see. Come learn about two innovative ways to increase online and in-class interactivity in your online and blended-learning courses.