Event request form

Submit the event request form early in your planning process. This form will help you organize, and will share details with the staff so they can help you prepare. 

Event Timeline Overview

Please contact LCSL staff early in the event planning stages. If dates are flexible the staff can help you select times and dates to prevent event overlap. 

Program fund applications are due on September 15, December 1, February 15, and April 15.  If you plan to request funding, please apply during the earliest possible distribution round. Applications can be downloaded here. 

6-7 + weeks - book flights and hotels
This is usually the timeframe for the best deals. 
Before booking flights Kaitlin will need dates, preferred airports, the guest's full name and date of birth, and any special accommodations they will require. 
Please note that state regulations require us to book the cheapest available flight that meets the given schedule. 

4-6 weeks - design and professionally print large posters
11 X 17 poster design takes 2 weeks, and printing takes 2-5 days.
Wordpress sites can be requested here. Please contact Kaitlin if you need assistance. 

3-4 weeks - design and print in house posters
Design takes 1-2 weeks depending on schedule, but printing is immediate
(+1 week for program and name tags).

3-4 + weeks - reserve room 
Earlier is always better.  To reserve one of our conference rooms, contact LCSLoffice@uic.edu and include how you would like the room to be configured (conference table vs. theater style). Additionally, please note if you will be having any food at the event. 
Library, Hull House, or SCE conference rooms should be booked at least 6-8 weeks out (popular dates may be booked 6 months to a year ahead of time). 

2-3 weeks - meet with Kaitlin about catering
Meet with the appropriate staff person about catering needs and decide on a menu. Catering is usually ordered 1-2 weeks before an event depending on the size of the order.

1 week and day of - tweet and email reminder
One week before and on the day of the event we will tweet a reminder (titles must be shortened so date, time, location all fit in 140 characters).

1 week - book appointment with LAS IT
If your event will require use of the room's technology you may contact LAS IT and set up an appointment to meet with them 30 minutes to 1 hour before the event so they can check everything is working properly. IT tickets should be submitted to lassupport@uic.edu and should include the date, time, and location of the event, what time you will meet them, what technology needs to be set up, and your contact information. 

LCSL Staff Support

Front Office Staff
1722 UH
(312) 996-5218
  • 1750 UH and 1501 UH reservations and room set-up
  • Arranges student worker assistance
Kaitlin Roelofs
1730 UH 
(312) 355-0907
  • Coordinates talks, lecture receptions, large events and conferences
  • Designs event posters and programs
  • Updates LCSL event page activating tweet from LCSL twitter account
  • Requests room reservations outside UH (Library 1-470, Hull House, Humanities Institute)
  • Arranges guest travel and lodging, catering orders