Who does What In The School

Topic Details Contact Phone Email
Academic Affairs Curriculum change request Priya D'Souza 312-413-4927 pdsouza@uic.edu
Teaching assignment for TAs, Lecturers and Faculty
Graduate Student Handbook
Course Enrollment and Restrictions Abby Stahl 312-355-0907 stahlabi@uic.edu
Classroom change request
Grade Change Form
Instructor assignment in BANNER
Class Advertising
Class Scheduling
Continuing Graduate Student  Matters Graduate College regulations Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Program requirements
Registration questions
Transfer credit questions
Graduate Listservs
MA exams
PhD Prelim exams
MA, PhD thesis defense 
Banner access re: student records
Thesis submission deadlines
Concentration Codes
Verifying thesis format to Grad. Coll.
Announcing a thesis defense
Progress report letters
Letters for students (various)
Probation questions
Degree completion deadlines
Graduation Checklists
Graduate College forms/deadlines and regulations re: Petitions, Transfer Credit, Leave of Absence, Retroactive Add, Drop, Supplemental Grade Report
Committee Recomm. Questions
0 hrs. Option B Registration Questions
TA's RA's GA's Issues with Payroll Candace Hoover 312-996-4455 cmhoover@uic.edu
OPT letter
MICEFA questions
Humboldt Exchange questions
Sending Continuing TA offer letters
Access to Student Evaluations Abby Stahl 312-355-0907 stahlabi@uic.edu
Development Fundraising for School Priya D'Souza 312-413-4927 pdsouza@uic.edu
Event Food order for small event such as TiLC, Talk by Individual Guest Speaker. Abby Stahl 312-355-0907 stahlabi@uic.edu
Food order for Major Conference such as In/Between, Bilingualism, or Workshops.
Parking Sticker for visitors
Design poster
Hotel Arrangement for Guest Speaker
Travel Arrangement for Guest Speaker
Faculty Affairs Tenure/Promotion files Priya D'Souza 312-413-4927  pdsouza@uic.edu
Faculty Searches
Sabbatical Applications
RNUA forms 
J1/Visiting Scholar, H1B visa processing 
Faculty Annual Activity Report - Digital Measures
Ethics Officer for School
DRIA Activity Reporting
Finance WEE Budget Alma Sias 312-996-6851 arsias@uic.edu
Event Budget
Research Budget
Grant Processing
Co-Sponsoring Fund
Cash Advance for Research
Professional Service Contract up to $4,999
Professional Service Contract between $4,999-19,999
P-Card Application
T-Card Application
Purchase Order Requisition
Purchase Furniture
Vendor Payment
Wire Transfer 
Gift Fund
LAS Foreign Travel Award submission
LAS Junior Faculty Research submission
Honorarium Payment Candace Hoover 312-996-4555 cmhoover@uic.edu
Miscellaneous Reimbursement
Student Awards
P-Card reconciliation
Travel Reimbursement Candace Hoover 312-996-4455 cmhoover@uic.edu
Alma Sias 312-996-6851 arsias@uic.edu
General Office Main Printer Problem Issues Front Office 312-996-5218 lcsloffice@uic.edu
Building Access
Copy Codes and Quotas
Purchase of Office Supplies
Miscellaneous Purchases
Key Ordering and Distribution
Phonebook Updates Candace Hoover 312-996-4555 cmhoover@uic.edu
Directory Updates Front Office 312-996-5218 lcsloffice@uic.edu
Elevator Updates
Door Signs
Emergency Contact Requests  Candace Hoover 312-996-4555 cmhoover@uic.edu
Syllabi Requests Front Office 312-996-5218 lcsloffice@uic.edu
Office Hours Requests
ID Requests
Library Access Requests
Office Maintenance Requests
UPS/USPS Mailings
Color Printing Requests
Scan/Copy Requests
Maintenance of all copiers 
Conference Room Scheduling
Maintain and Update Mailboxes
Report office Maintenance
Business Cards
French and Italian Exam Copies
Create and Update Listservs Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Inventory for computer and furniture
Alma Sias 312-996-6851 arsias@uic.edu
Telecom Requests and Changes
Assign Office Space
Arrange Surplus Pick Up
Graduate Applications/New Students' procedures Prospective applicant inquiries Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Information for all grad programs
Retrieving application docs Banner
Application codes
All aspects of application process
University requirements
Departmental requirements
Graduate College requirements
Processing Recruitment Awards
Processing admits, denials in Banner
Informing applicants of decisions
Sending new TA offer letters Candace Hoover 312-996-4455 cmhoover@uic.edu
New TA's hire paperwork 
New Internat. TA's payroll
New TA's questions: regarding I9, arrival date to get paid on time, Tax Treaty option for Internationals
New TA letters sent to OIS
New TA's Departmental Orientation Schedule/distributing information

Hispanic Studies - Claudia Fernández

French - Dolly Weber

German - Susanne Rott

Limited Status Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Non-degree status questions
Petition to Grad College waivers German: Max Kade, Hispanic Studies: Kouvel
BOT waivers (Grad College)
Internal Applications MA to PhD
Graduate College Awards  University Fellowship Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Dean's Scholar
Provost's Award
Lincoln Fellowship
Questions re: Student Travel Award TBD    
German Awards Teaching Awards docs Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Processing Teaching Awards Alma Sias 312-996-6851 arsias@uic.edu
Max Kade Fellow request waiver to Grad College Candace Hoover 312-996-4455 cmhoover@uic.edu
Processing Max Kade Fellow 
Hispanic Studies Awards Kouvel Fellow request waiver to Grad College Candace Hoover 312-996-4455 cmhoover@uic.edu
Processing Kouvel Fellow
Processing El Saffar Award Alma Sias 312-996-6851 arsias@uic.edu
El Saffar Award docs Rocio Garcia 312-996-0254 mexotic@uic.edu
Human Resources Hiring Research Assistant (RA) Candace Hoover 312-996-4555 cmhoover@uic.edu
Hiring Graduate Assistant (GA)
Hiring Teaching Assistant (TA)
Hiring Temporary/Extra Help employees
Hiring Lecturers & Visiting faculty
Hiring Student Worker
ANCRA Training 
Leave processing (FMLA)
Sick/Vacation Leave reporting
Bi-weekly timesheet questions
Payroll irregularities (pay adjustments, overcompensations, etc.)
Process Lump Sum Payment
I-9 Verification
Payroll Tax Treaty Info. (refer to Payroll Services) UIC Payroll   paying@uillinois.edu
Payroll Taxes Deduction (refer to Payroll Services) UIC Payroll   paying@uillinois.edu
IT Computer Problem LAS IT   lcslsupport@uic.edu
No Internet Connection
Connection to Printer
Skype Set up
Classroom Equipment Rental LETS 312-996-2751 classrooms@uic.edu
Purchase Computer  Alma Sias 312-996-6851 arsias@uic.edu
Purchase software
Miscellaneous Request Shared Folder Access TBD
Priya D'Souza 312-413-4927 pdsouza@uic.edu
Business Continuity Plan TBD
Priya D'Souza 312-413-4927 pdsouza@uic.edu
Building Evacuation Plan TBD
Process of Disposing Records
School Newsletter Priya D'Souza 312-413-4927 pdsouza@uic.edu.
School Awards Awards for Small Colloquia Applications TBD
Awards for Major Conference Applications
Awards for Graduate Travel Applications
Book Subvention Applications
Awards for Individual Speakers Applications
Awards for Circular Development Applications
Awards for Small Colloquia Questions
Awards for Major Conference Questions
Awards for Graduate Travel Questions
Book Subvention Questions
Awards for Individual Speakers Questions
Awards for Circular Development Questions
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