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Spring 2014

Date / Time /



Title / Abstract

January 24, 3pm
UH 1750

Reserved for job talk



 January 31, 3pm
UH 1750

Dr. Zitlali Morales


¿Puras groserías?”: Rethinking the role of profanity and graphichumor in Latina/o students’ bilingual word play.

Sponsored by the LICO Research Group

February 7, 3pm
UH 1750

Dr. Diane C. Lillo-Martin

University of Connecticut

Acquisition of Sign Language


February 21, 3pm
UH 1750

Reserved for job talk



March 7, 3pm
UH 1750

Junice Acosta



March 14, 3pm
UH 1750

Dr. Anne Abbott

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Spanish community service courses

Sponsored by the LICO Research Group

March 21, 3pm
UH 1750

Dr. Kay Gonzalez-Vilbazo



April 4

Spanish Sociolinguistics Symposium in Madison, WI 



April 8, 3pm
Institute for the Humanities

 Dr. Kim Potowski



‘Do you bleed salsa or sofrito?’ MexiRican language and identity.

Sponsored by the LICO Research Group

April 11, 3pm
UH 1750

Dr. Rena Torres Cacoullos

Penn State University



April 25, 3pm
UH 1750

Dr. Richard Cameron



Sponsored by the LICO Research Group

May 2, 3pm
UH 1750

Karen Kralli and

Sergio Ramos




May 28, 3pm
UH 1750


Dr.Cassie Isabelli and

Dr. Tina Isabelli-García


University of Nevada-Reno,

Illinois Wesleyan University


Second language acquisition during study abroad.

Sponsored by the LICO Research Group

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title


September 21 Masaya Yoshida (Northwestern) How does the parser recover the content of ellipsis?


October 19 Kay González-Vilbazo (UIC) Switching the light on: making non-overtly realized complementizers visible in code-switching PDF
November 2 Susanne Brouwer & Ann R. Bradlow (Northwestern University)

Álvaro Villegas (Penn State University)
The temporal dynamics of spoken word recognition in adverse listening

The online processing of the Spanish subjunctive by L2 learners of Spanish

November 16 Craig Sailor (UCLA) The Size of Silence: Diagnosing the Fine Structure of VP Ellipsis
November 30 Nicholas Henriksen (Michigan) Left-periphery effects in Spanish wh-questions PDF

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title Abstract
February 17 Shane Ebert (UIC) Why Simple Wh-phrases are Not So Simple: Evidence from Inversion in Spanish English Code-switching Abstract
March 30 Ji Young Shim (CUNY) A Minimalist Account of Word Order Variation in Code-switching Abstract
April 4 Brad Hoot (UIC) An experimental investigation of narrow focus in heritage and monolingual Spanish Abstract
April 11 Harriet Wood Bowden (University of Tennessee) Native-like brain processing of L2 in college learners: Evidence from event-related potentials (ERPs) Abstract
April 13 Brady Clark (Northwestern) Syntactic theory and the evolution of syntax Abstract
April 23 Marcel den Dikken (CUNY) Of orphans and twins: Accounting for some peculiar patterns in code-switching Abstract

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title Abstract
October 7 Frank Savelsberg (Freie Universität Berlin) La periferia izquierda "alta" y "baja" y la estructura informativa en las variedades iberorrománicas medievales (Spanish) Abstract
October 14 David Heap (University of Western Ohio) Non-standard Spanish clitic sequences: data from the Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica Abstract
October 21 Ming Xiang (University of Chicago) The gradient licensing of polarity items Abstract
November 4 MaryAnn Parada (UIC) Sibling Variation and Family Language Policy: The Role of Birth Order in the Spanish Proficiency and First Names of Second-Generation Hispanics Abstract

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
January 14 Mareike Mueller
(University of Waterloo, CA)
She Sells Seashells by the Seashore: Effectively Training Foreign Pronunciation Abstract
January 28 Erik Willis
(Indiana University)
(Pratt workshop to follow)
February 11 Viorica Marian
"Consequences of Bilingualism for Language Processing and Language Learning" (Bilingualism) Abstract
March 30 Cristina Sanz

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title Abstract
October 18 Dr. Natascha Müller Bergische Universität Wuppertal The syntax of code-switching and the language of the left periphery Abstract
October 29 Volker Struckmeier (University of Cologne) What moves around in the German clause - when it really shouldn't  
November 12 Laura Bartlett (UIC) Adjectives that aren't: An ERP-theoretical analysis of adjectives in Spanish. Abstract
December 3 Judith Markowitz Commercial Speech Processing Abstract

Spring 2010

Date, Time and Location* Speaker Title (Area) Abstract
January 22 Marina Terkourafi
(U of I)
What is said from different points of view Abstract
February 5 Kenneth Konnopka (Northwestern) Vowels of Mexican Heritage English: Beyond the static Abstract
February 19
(2 - 3 PM)
Luis López (UIC) Indefinite objects: Differential object marking, scrambling and choice functions Abstract
March 5
(Grant Hall 304)
David Pesetsky (MIT) Islands, case and licensing: the neglected role of the attractor Abstract
March 19
(in 1650 UH)
Bryan Koronkowicz (UIC) and Tara Toscano (UIC) (Phonology) and (Syntax)  
April 9 Kim Potowski (UIC) Intrafamilial dialect contact: The Spanish of MexiRicans in Chicago Abstract

Fall 2009

Date, Time and Location* Speaker Title Abstract

September 18

Marisol Garrido

(Western Illinois University)

Diphthongization of Non-High Vowel Sequences in Latin American Spanish


September 23

Rafael Núñez-Cedeño (UIC) and Junice Acosta (UIC)

En Torno Al Contexto Real De La Vocalización Cibaeña: Un Nuevo Replanteamiento Prosódico


October 2

Chris Kennedy (U of C)

Aspectual composition and scalar change


October 14
(3 - 4 PM)

John Drury (McGill University)

Electrophysiological investigations at the semantics/pragmatics interface


October 16

Susan Goldman (UIC)

Inquiry Using Multiple Sources of Information


October 30

Xuehua Xiang (UIC)

Linguistic Representation of “Self” and Narrative Co-Construction: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of Celebrity Interviews in American English and Mandarin Chinese.


November 13

Brad Hoot (UIC) and Álvaro Recio (University of Salamanca)

"An Optimality Theoretic Analysis of Focus in Spanish and English" and "Las propiedades argumentales de los complementos del nombre en español"

Abstract (Álvaro Recio)

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title Abstract
February 20 Jason Merchant (U of C) There's less to words than meets the eye Abstract
March 6 (2 - 3 PM) Kara Morgan-Short and Mandy Faretta (UIC) Awareness and explicitness in second language development Abstract
March 13 Shahrzad Mahootian (North Eastern Illinois) The Medium and the Message: Codeswitching in written discourse Abstract
March 20 Karlos Arregi (U of C) Morpheme Metathesis and Reduplication in the Basque Verb Abstract
April 3 (2 - 3 PM) Fernando Ramallo (Universidade de Vigo) La situación social del gallego: problemáticas y oportunidades Abstract
April 10 Dennis Ott (Harvard) Stylistic fronting as remnant movement Abstract
April 24 (2 - 3 PM) Zuriñe Alonso (UIC) Prospective Study about the Quantity Sensitivity in Spanish Abstract

Fall 2008

Date Speaker Title Abstract
September 8 Rafael Núñez-Cedeño (UIC) The Dominican marker /-se/: a case for Expressive Morphology Abstract
October 6 Erin O’Rourke (University of Pittsburgh) Dialect differences and the bilingual vowel space in Peruvian Spanish Abstract
October 20 Susanne Rott (UIC) Why do Advanced Learners of German sound Non-Native Like? A Cognitive Linguistic Explanation on the Use of Phrasal Verbs Abstract
November 3 Kara Morgan-Short and students (UIC) Electrophysiological investigation of bilingual processing: ERP Methods for Heritage and Second Language Processing Abstract
November 24 Anastasia Giannakidou (U of C) Negative polarity in natural language: Variation, scalarity, and dependent reference Abstract
December 1 Patrick Wong (NWU) Effects of Long- and Short-Term Auditory Experiences on the Auditory Pathway: Speech, Voice, and Music Abstract

Fall 2007

Date Speaker Title Abstract/Handout
September 5 Luis López and Kay González (UIC) VP structure and focus/accent structure: Evidence from code-switching Abstract
September 19 Kara Morgan-Short (UIC) A Neurolinguistic Investigation of Late-Learned Second Language Knowledge: The Effects of Explicit and Implicit Conditions Abstract
October 3 Clara Burgo (UIC) Grammaticalization of a perfect into a perfective in Bilbao Spanish Abstract / Handout
October 10 Kim Potowski (UIC) Discourse Markers in Chicago Spanish: so and entonces Abstract / Handout
October 24 Laura Bartlett (UIC) Personal subject pronouns: Testing the Theory of Perseveration Abstract
November 7 Gregory Ward (Northwestern University) Who’s the Pad Thai? That would be me. A Pragmatic Analysis of Equatives and Open Propositions Abstract / Handout
November 14 Volker Struckmeier (University of Cologne) Towards a typology of phase structures:  Subordinating D Abstract / Handout
November 15 Volker Struckmeier (University of Cologne) Workshop: "Minimalism" Handout
November 16 Volker Struckmeier (University of Cologne) Workshop: "German(ic) Syntax" Handout

Spring 2007

Date Speaker Title Abstract/Handout

May 1

Daniel Büring (UCLA)

The Least At Least Can Do