Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish

This program is for teachers who already have state certification and are teaching in local K-12 classrooms. This MAT addresses several important areas, including the following:

(1) High school Spanish teachers teach both literature and language. Thus, they often seek advanced knowledge in both fields. The proposed MAT requires teachers to take courses in both areas.

(2) The MAT also incorporates advanced coursework in education – carefully selected courses in consultation with College of Education faculty. These courses include topics that are crucial to K-12 teachers such as teaching literacy skills, educational psychology, and curricular development

(3) Public school teachers work full time and cannot arrive to campus before 4:30 pm. Our Department has made the commitment to regularly teach courses within the MAT after 4:30 pm or, when possible, in the summer.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Program Director and Advisor:

Inma Taboada
1726 University Hall

Program Description

Complete List of MAT Approved Courses
University Requirements for Application
Departmental Requirements
A Brief Description of UIC

Program Description


Students who have an undergraduate degree and who hold current Type 03, Type 09, or Type 10 Illinois certification are eligible to apply. Students must be able to speak, comprehend, read, and write Spanish at an advanced level (minimally an AFTFL level Advanced Low). Students must complete 12 semester hours of graduate work with grades of A or B in order to continue in the program.

Graduation requirements
A total of nine (9) courses, or 36 hours, are required for the MAT degree. There are four (4) required core courses. The remaining five (5) courses are electives, which must be chosen according to certain requirements. The minimum number of Spanish courses is five (5). Of the total number of courses, three (3) must be completed at the 500-level and chosen in consultation with the academic advisor. Comprehensive Examination required. No more than eight (8) semester hours of credit (2 courses) will be accepted for transfer, and these credits must comply with University regulations and be approved by the program.


The following four (4) Core Courses are required:
SPAN 401, Intensive introduction to Hispanic linguistics
SPAN 556, Second language learning
SPAN 407, Methods of Literary and Cultural Analysis
CIE 504 or 413, Foundations in secondary literacy or Foundations of literacy instruction, K-8 

Students choose five (5) elective courses according to these requirements:
a) A total of two (2) elective courses must be completed in the Spanish department.
b) At least one (1) elective course must be in linguistics, language policy, or language teaching.
c) As long as requirements (a) and (b) above have been met, the remaining elective courses shall come from the course list below. 

Heritage language concentration
Students who wish to complete the concentration in Teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language must take three (3) of the following courses among their five electives:
LALS 501 or 502
At least two (2) of the following courses:
Spanish 406, Introduction to sociolinguistics
Spanish 440 (new) = Theory and methods in teaching Spanish to heritage speakers 
CIE 464 = Bilingualism and literacy in a second language

Complete list of approved MAT courses:

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


Literature and Latin American/Latino cultures
SPAN 411. Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture.
SPAN 414. Topics in Cervantes' Don Quijote.
SPAN 421. Topics in 18th and 19th Century Spanish Literature and Culture.
SPAN 422. Topics in 20th and 21st Century Spanish Literature and Culture. 
SPAN 430. Topics in Colonial History, Literature and Culture.
SPAN 431. Topics in Latin American Letters from the Revolutionary Era to Independence. 
SPAN 434. Topics in Latin American Letters from Modernismo to the Early 1970's. 
SPAN 435. Topics in Contemporary Urban Latin American and Latino Culture, Literature and the Arts. 
*SPAN 490. Introduction to Literary Analysis and Criticism for Teachers of Spanish. 
Linguistics, language policy, and teaching
SPAN 400. History of the Spanish Language.
*SPAN 401. Intensive Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics. 
SPAN 404. Spanish Phonology and Morphology. 
SPAN 406. Spanish Sociolinguistics. 
SPAN 408. Hispanic Dialectology. 
SPAN 427. Studies in Language Policy and Cultural Identity. 
SPAN 436. Special Topics in the Teaching of Spanish. 
SPAN 440. Theory and Methods in Teaching Heritage Speakers. 
SPAN 487. Computer Assisted Language Learning. 
*Spanish 556. Second language learning

Or any 500-level course in consultation with the academic advisor.

CI 464. Bilingualism and literacy in a second language 
*CI 504. Foundations of literacy instruction, K-8 or Foundations in secondary literacy
CI 540. Linguistics for teachers (Counts toward elective requirement in linguistics, language policy, or language teaching)
CI 482. Assessment and Instruction: A Multilingual/Multicultural Perspective
EPSY 446. Characteristics of early adolescence 
ED 430. Curriculum and teaching


LALS 501 = Latinos and Latin America in Transnational Context
LALS 502 = Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies

University requirements for application

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2) PAY the application fee,
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