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Hispanic Linguistics
offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs led by nationally and internationally renowned faculty. Students may pursue coursework and research in a variety of areas:

  • Formal linguistics, including the formal study of code-switching
  • Sociolinguistics, with a special focus on gender and age.
  • Bilingualism/heritage languages, with a focus on identity, education, and society
  • Language variation
  • Second language acquisition, including from behavioral and neurolinguistic points of view

Several of our faculty members focus their research on topics concerning bilingualism from educational and theoretical perspectives: bilingual language policies, heritage language maintenance, bilingualism in the community, and the grammar of code switching. Moreover, faculty members and students bring a strong interdisciplinary focus to scholarship and teaching, and actively collaborate with other UIC programs such as TESOL, Neuroscience, and Psychology. 

Our facilities include the Bilingualism Research Laboratory, the Cognition of Second Language Acquisition Laboratory, and the Language in Context Research Group. Our labs are equipped with state of the art technology and offer many opportunities for our students to be involved in experimental research and fieldwork. UIC Talks in Linguistics, a bi-weekly series sponsored by the department and organized by our students, as well as yearly conferences organized by the department, connect our students to the international linguistic community.

Another important aspect of the graduate program is the importance placed on professional development.  The department offers a specialized yearlong seminar that prepares students for the job market and for life as an academic.  Additionally, graduate students acquire extensive experience as instructors in basic language and introductory major courses, as well as attend seminars and workshops on teaching methodology, the use of technology in the classroom, the creation of a teaching portfolio, and classroom management.

Prospective students with a B.A. degree in a related field may apply directly to our Ph.D. program. Students who already possess an M.A. in a related field should also apply to the Ph.D. program.  Another possible option is a terminal two-year M.A.  See requirements below for all programs.

For those interested in the Master in the Teaching of Spanish, refer to the link dedicated to that program.

For more information on the graduate programs contact the Hispanic Studies Director of Graduate StudiesProfessor Steven Marsh,

Master of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics

Our M.A. programs are designed to:

  • Provide students a greater breadth and depth of study in their chosen fields;
  • Prepare students for successful careers in such areas as business, publishing, administration, government, and teaching;
  • Prepare students to enter doctoral programs in their chosen fields at this or other universities.


    The PhD program aims to:

    • Provide students specialized and professional-level knowledge of their fields;
    • Train students through theory and practice to teach at the university level;
    • Prepare them to participate in the various activities of their professional fields;
    • Train them to research and write lectures and publishable papers;
    • Guide them in their choice of dissertation topic; and
    • Supervise the writing of the dissertation.

    Students who choose Hispanic Linguistics as their area of specialization may focus on descriptive and theoretical linguistics, second language acquisition, and sociolinguistics.

    For specific information about the MA and PhD programs in Linguistics, please see the Hispanic Studies Graduate Handbook link below.

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    Course Descriptions of Graduate Courses in Hispanic Linguistics
    Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Handbook
    Information for newly-admitted M.A. and Ph.D. students



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    Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies(MC 315)
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    Campus Location: 1729 UH
    Telephone: (312) 996-0254
    Head of the Department: Margarita Saona,
    Director of Graduate Studies: Steve Marsh,
    Graduate Programs Administrator: Rocío García
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    Program Codes: 20FS1312MA (MA); 20FS1900PHD (PhD)