Dr. Jennifer Cabrelli Amaro: Assistant Professor. PhD University of Florida. Interests: Acquisition of phonology and phonetics, cross-linguistic influence and attrition, third language acquisition, phonological theory, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese phonology and morphosyntax, acquisition of syntax

Sara Stefanich: PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics. Sara’s research interests include: Third Language Acquisition and the syntax-phonology interface as well as issues in bilingualism and code-switching. Her current projects investigate the acquisition of the Spanish palatal nasal by L1 English/L2 Spanish learners and the phonological realization of code-switched structures at the word level by Spanish/English bilinguals.

Jose Sequeros Valle: PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics. Jose is interested in the acquisition of Spanish by second language learners whose first language is English. Current work examines the acquisition of information structure and syntax-discourse interface phenomena using methodologies that capture learners’ processing.


Undergraduate Research Assistants:
AY 2015-2016

Melissa Berrios
Torianna Crawford
Aletia Rebollar
Gabriella Valentino