Italian Language and Culture in Siena

This six-week program is ideal for students who want to continue their studies in Italian and learn more about Italian culture. UIC Lecturer Maria Iusco will teach an Italian Language course and accompany students in Italy.

Why Study in Italy? The UIC Study Abroad Office has an interesting collection of articles which discuss the value of an international education, especially in today's global economy.

Watch videos by Edgar Tovar (Siena 2010) and Jennifer Tanglao (Siena 2012) featuring interviews with students about their experiences abroad:

Siena 2012
Meet some of the teachers in Siena
Making new friends
Travel and Il Palio
Food for thought

View the following materials--created by students--for more information on the Summer Program in Siena:

Samantha's blog, Siena 2013 (diary, pictures and videos)
2012 flyer
PowerPoint Presentation on Siena
"Summer in Siena 2011," a blog by Rossie Rangel
"Seven Days in Tuscany (PDF)," a journal by Allie Whalen

Learn more about Dante Alighieri, the school UIC Study Abroad Office is affiliated with for the UIC Faculty Led Summer program in Siena.

Take a virtual tour of Siena