Faculty in Latin American and Peninsular Studies

Name Title Email Address
Rosilie Hernández Associate Professor 

Early modern Spanish literature; Cervantes; relationship between religious art, theology, and imperial politics; gender studies and women writers; moral, economic, and political treatises; religious studies; visual cultures

Steven Marsh Associate Professor 
Director of Graduate Studies

Hispanic film; cultural theory; urban studies and Spanish politics

Dianna Niebylski Professor 

20th-21st century Latin American literature and culture; globalization and new aesthetics in Latin American literature; Trans-American studies; gender studies

Gabriel Riera Associate Professor 
20th-21st century Southern Cone literature, literary & critical theory; philosophical and psychoanalytic approaches to literature

Margarita Saona Professor
Head of the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies

Contemporary Latin American literature; national identities, family, and gender; modernity and postmodernity; utopian and dystopian narratives; memory, visual arts, and trauma studies; cognition and the arts

Tatjana Gajic Associate Professor 

Spanish twentieth century literature and culture; Spanish intellectual and political history; gender, philosophy, culture and ecopolitics

Silvia Rosman Clinical Assistant Professor

19th and 20th century Latin American Literature; Psychoanalysis; Critical and Cultural Theory


Affiliated and Emeritus Faculty

Klaus Müller-Bergh Professor Emeritus   
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