Kay E. González-Vilbazo

Associate Professor; Co-director, UIC Bilingualism Research Lab; Faculty Fellow, Honors College; Faculty in Residence, Campus Housing

PhD University of Cologne, Germany

Major Interests
Bilingualism, Code-Switching, syntax, morphology and syntax-semantics-interface, Romance and Germanic languages.
Methodology, Cognition and Language.

Selected Works


  • K.R. Popper. Berlin: Morgenbuch (with Wilhelm Baum), 1994.


  • Under review:  "A morphosyntactic condition on sluicing: evidence from Spanish/German code-switching", 26pp. (with Sergio Ramos)
  • To appear: "Methodological Considerations in Code-Switching Research", 12pp. article in Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (with Laura Bartlett, Sarah Downey, Shane Ebert, Jeanne Heil, Bradley Hoot, Bryan Koronkiewicz, & Sergio Ramos)
  • To appear: "Classifiers and Spanish-Taiwanese code-switching". 15pp. In Proceedings of the 46th Chicago Linguistic Society meeting. (with Laura Bartlett).
  • To appear: "Operator movement in English-Spanish and German-Spanish codeswitching". 36pp. In Jeff MacSwann (ed.) Grammatical Theory and Bilingual Code Switching. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press (with Almeida Jacqueline Toribio).
  • 2013: "The structure of the Taiwanese DP in Taiwanese–Spanish bilinguals: evidence from code-switching." In Journal of East Asian Linguistics: Volume 22, Issue 1 (2013), Page 65-99 (with Laura Bartlett).
  • 2012: "Little v and Parametric Variation", Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Vol 30.1: 33-77. (DOI: 10.1007/s11049-011-9141-5) (with Luis López).
  • 2011: "Some properties of light verbs in code-switching", feature article in Lingua 121, 5: 832-850 (with Luis López).
  • 2008: "Asymmetrien im Code-Switching: Eine DM-Lösung zur Partizipselektion" (Asymmetries in Code-Switching: a DM-solution to participle selection). In Mensching, G. & Remberger E. Romanistische Sprachwissenschaft – minimalistisch, Tübingen: G. Narr Verlag: 83-102. (with Volker Struckmeier).
  • 2008: "Spuren des Verschwindens" (Traces of disappearance). In Pusse, T. (Ed.) Rethoriken des Verschwindens. Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann: 33-41 (with Volker Struckmeier).
  • 2007: "Die Kopula im Romanischen" (The copula in romance languages). In: Geist, L. & E. Löbel (Eds.): Kopulaverben und Kopulasätze (Copula verbs and copula sentences), Tübingen: Niemeyer, 201-226. (with Eva-Maria Remberger).
  • 2005: "Ser and estar: The syntax of stage level and individual level predicates in Spanish." In: Maienborn, Claudia & Angelika Wöllstein (eds.): Event Arguments in Syntax, Semantics, and Discourse. Tübingen: Niemeyer: 89-112. (with Eva-Maria Remberger).

Fellowships and Awards:

  • 2013: UIC Office of Social Science Research Grant for the project "Psycholinguistic Evidence of Bilingual Mode in Online Processing."
  • 2010: UIC Teaching Recognition Program Award (Campus wide award for excellence and innovation in teaching and mentoring).
  • 2006-2009, 2011: University of Illinois, Jr. Faculty Research and Travel Support.
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Contact Information

Office: 1708 UH, MC 315
Phone: 312-996-3244
Fax: 312-413-1044
Email: kgv@uic.edu