Graduate Student Research Symposium

The Department of Germanic Studies encourages and promotes scholarship for its graduate students. It holds an annual graduate research competition where students submit papers that are judged by the entire faculty. The authors of the best papers are invited to present at the Graduate Symposium. The awards are made possible by donations to the Robert Kauf Memorial endowment.

2016 Finalists:

1st Place: Zachary Fitzpatrick
A Leap of Faith?: The Epistemological Crisis of Religion and Kinship in G.E. Lessing's "Nathan der Weise"

2nd Place: Lucas Riddle
Was will Christian Kracht?

3rd Place: Emily Gessman
"The Unhappy Marriage," the Bildungsbürgertum, and Alternative Partnerships

2015 Finalists:

1st Place: Christina Mekonen
From Rivalry to Solidarity: The Black-Jewish Dialogue vis-á-vis the Holucaust

2nd Place: Kerry Gawne
Revolutionary Ideas on the Stage and in the Streets

3rd Place: Christina Schultz
How to Construct a Hero: Hitler as the Übermensch in Leni Riefenstahl’s "Triumph of the Will"

2014 Finalists:

1st Place (tied): Julia Koxholt
Schein und Sein: Identität in Irene Disches Eine Jüdin für Charles Allen

1st Place (tied): Christina Mekonen
Der unzuverlässige Erzähler in Jurek Beckers Roman Jakob der Lügner (1969)

2nd Place: Christina Schultz
Empowered Females and Useless Males in Postwar German Cinema—A Look at the Changing Gender Roles in East and West Germany

2013 Finalists:

1st Place: Derek Schaefer
Misconceptions of the Nazi-Past and the Shoah in the 
German Democratic Republic: Vergangenheitsbewältigung in 
Jurek Becker’s Bronsteins Kinder

2nd Place: Katarzyna Kowalczyk
Gender and Culture: Female Imagery in Die Juden von 
Barnow by K.E. Franzos

3rd Place: Sharon Weiner
Farocki’s Schnittstelle: A Strange Loop

2012 Finalists:

1st Place: Michelle Reyes
Reconfigurations of the Devil: Animal Hauntings in Jeremias Gotthelf's The Black Spider

2nd Place: Jai Kshirsagar

Anti-Semitism, the Common Ground between Zionism and Anti-Zionism: A Juxtaposition of Herzl's Zionist Play Das Neue Ghetto and Pappenheim's Anti-Zionist Play Tragische Momente: Drei Lebensbilder

3rd Place: Jon Tillotson
Conceptions of Class and Knowledge in Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland's Die Kunst, das menschliche Leben zu verlängern (1796)

2011 Finalists:

1st Place: Kristina Förster
For an "In Between": On the Road in Die Welt ist groß und Rettung lauert überall

2nd Place: Jai Kshirsagar

Self-perception vs. Treatment by Society: Invisible Woman: Growing up Black in Germany and Afro-deutsch I and II

3rd Place: Jon Tillotson
Deconstructing Myth in Vladimir Vertlib’s Am Morgen des zwölften Tages