Awards Day

During our annual Awards Day in April, the department honors undergraduate minors and majors and graduate students for their achievements. Every year approximately 50 students are honored with awards, ranging from $100 to $20,000.

This event would not be possible without our close relationship with the department's friends and donors. We are very pleased that many of our donors are able to attend the event, and we hope to see many of you at this year's Awards Day.

We would like to thank the following groups for their generous donations to Awards Days past:

  • Max Kade Foundation
  • Robert Kauf Family
  • DER Travel
  • Chicago Columbia Club
  • Flaherty Friedrichs Fund
  • The Consulates General of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • The Goethe-Institut Chicago
  • German Language Society of Chicago
  • Fruman and Marian Jacobson "Bridges" Fund

This event is a great opportunity to showcase our students in a formal setting. Please see the programs below for a list of all award recipients.

2010 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2011 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2012 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2013 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2014 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2015 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2016 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2017 Awards Day Program (PDF)
2018 Awards Day Program (PDF)