Elizabeth Berkebile McManus

Visiting Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Northwestern University; 
M.A. University of Illinois at Chicago; 
B.A. Cornell University


Major Interests:
19th-century French literature, Fantastic, Utopian and Gothic literatures, contemporary popular culture, 19th-century architecture, visual arts, decorative arts, 18th-century French literature 

Selected Works:

“Protecting the Island: Narrative Continuance in 
Lost.”  The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts.  22.1 (2011): 4-23.

Review of Speculating Daguerre: Art and Enterprise in the Work of J. L. M. Daguerre, Pinson, Stephen C. Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 43.1–2 (2014–2015).

“Looking Backward and Forward.”  Review of 
Gothic Science Fiction 1980-2010, eds. Sara Wasson and Emily Adler.  Science Fiction Studies.  39.3 (2012): 547-9. 



Contact Information

Location: 1619 UH