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Nov 12 2019

Here Lie Secrets: The Art and Artifice of Confession in Contemporary Culture

November 12, 2019

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Institute for the Humanities, Stevenson Hall lower level


703 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607


Confession manifests all around us: from TV police procedurals to celebrity scandals, from infamous miscarriages of justice and imperfect geopolitical compromises to calculated political admissions, from ironic artistic installations to the confessional culture of social media and reality TV. Confession possesses an allure, offers a promise of reconciliation, makes a spectacle of itself. “Here Lie Secrets” explores some of the ways that artists and other cultural workers explore the dynamics of confession, working through nostalgia for a sidelined sacrament, renegotiating the lines between public and private, and producing new forms of structured performance—which is to say, new forms of ritual expression.


School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics

Date posted

Sep 17, 2019

Date updated

Oct 22, 2019


Elizabeth Castelli | Professor of Religion | Barnard College