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The Daley Library on the UIC campus houses a substantial collection of books and periodicals in ancient languages and literatures, linguistics, ancient history, philosophy, art and archaeology. In addition, students and faculty may borrow books from the library at the Urbana-Champaign campus, which possesses one of the finest classical collections in the country.

Room 1806 of University Hall, where the departmental library is shelved, serves as a study center for students and a meeting place for seminars. The visual data-bases are accessed through Perseus. The texts stored on CD-ROM may be searched for word or character strings by means of Pandora.

Scriptorum Graecorum et Latinorum Catalogus ONLINE

The lists in the Catalogus Scriptorum, compiled by James H. Dee, provide a condensed conspectus of most of the surviving extended literary texts written in Greek and Latin before the end of the Second Century AD. Authors and titles are listed in rough chronological order within centuries and are subdivided by types of content. Virtually all author names and titles for works in Greek are given in their original Greek form, unlike the Canon of the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, which Latinizes almost without exception. At the end of each list is a summary of the principal collections of fragments.

A Dual-Source Database of Word Frequencies in Latin
The Latin Word-Frequency Database, compiled by James H. Dee, is a merging of two older printed word-frequency counts: Gonzalez Lodge's Vocabulary of High School Latin (1912), drawn from passages in Caesar, Cicero, and Vergil, and Paul Diederich's Frequency of Latin Words (1939), drawn from anthologies of prose, poetry, and medieval texts. Those two corpora contain 202,158 words of classical and 77,142 of medieval text. The database has 5498 records (one for each lexical word), with sixteen fields that provide various lexical, etymological, and statistical information. For more detail, see the Introduction to the Database itself.

External Resources
Perseus Project - Archaeology and texts of Ancient Greece.
MIT Classics Archive - Translations of many classical texts.
Diotima: Women in the Ancient World - Sources for the study of women and gender.
Bryn Mawr Classical Review
- The source for (post-1990) book reviews in classics.
TOCS-IN - Tables of Contents of Interest to Classicists.
American Philological Association - The main scholarly organization for classicists in the US.
L'Année Philologique - Publication with citations of journals in classics and ancient history.
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology - Rich collection of classical links on the net.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Archaeological Institute of America
Electronic Resources for Classicists