Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek Studies at UIC offer courses in Modern Greek Language and Modern Greek History and Culture. The language courses emphasize the study of the Modern Greek language as rooted in ancient Greek, while the aim of the history and culture courses is the study of the diachronic Greek culture in the context of the modern world.

Courses in Modern Greek Studies can be used to fulfill the LAS Foreign Language Requirement and the requirements for a Classical Studies Major or Minor.
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Faculty Members Specializing in Modern Greek Studies:

Paris Papamichos 
Anita Skarpathiotis,

Modern Greek History and Culture

GKM 105 Modern Greek Culture (3 hours)

GKM 285 Cultural History of Modern Greece: 1453 to the Present (3 hours)

GKM 298 Topics in Modern Greek History on the list of history and culture (3 hours)

Modern Greek Language

Unlike many other universities, UIC offers a grammar-based instruction in Modern Greek. The Modern Greek language sequence at UIC introduces complex grammatical constructions; expands student vocabulary and oral composition of standard Modern Greek; and develops student speaking and writing ability with guided written translations and readings of texts from literature and the media.

There are four core courses in Modern Greek language:

GKM 101: Elementary Modern Greek I (4 hours) *for students with no previous knowledge or only basic understanding of the language
GKM 102: Elementary Modern Greek II (4 hours)
GKM 103: Intermediate Modern Greek I (4 hours)
GKM 104: Intermediate Modern Greek II (4 hours)

Modern Greek Placement Test

Students who have taken Greek, lived in Greece, or are native-Greek speakers, will need to take a placement test BEFORE enrolling into Modern Greek. Students who have never taken Greek before nor lived in Greece or in a Greek family, should sign up for Modern Greek 101.

Students interested in taking Modern Greek should contact the Office of Testing Services (312-996-0919) and schedule an appointment to take the placement test, which will take about two hours. The Office of Testing Services is located in the Student Services Building (SSB) at 1200 West Harrison Street on UIC East Campus.