John T. Ramsey

Emeritus Professor of Classics

AB (Harvard), BA, MA (Oxford), PhD (Harvard)

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Areas of Research and Publication:
Roman Republican prose authors (Cicero and Sallust) and Roman history and law; ancient comets as reported in the Greco-Roman tradition and in classical Chinese sources.



  • Cicero, Philippics I & II, Latin text, edited with introduction and commentary. Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics series (CUP 2003) pp. xxvi/350.
  • Sallust's Bellum Catilinae (text with introduction and commentary), 2nd edition (American Philological Association/Oxford University Press, 2006; corrected reprint, Feb. 2009) pp. xx/252.


  • A Descriptive Catalogue of Greco-Roman Comets from 500 B.C. to A.D. 400. Special issue of the journal Syllecta Classica, vol. 17 (2006: published March 2007; corrected reprint, Apr. 2008), 242 pp .

Loeb Library Edition

  • Cicero's Philippics, translated by D. R. Shackleton Bailey (1986), revised in collaboration with Gesine Manuwald, vol. 1 (pp. lxxii + 321), vol. 2 (pp. x + 365): Harvard Univ. Pr., 2009.
    ISBN: 978-0-674-99634-2/. . . .99635-9.


Chapters in Books:

  • "Senatorial Rhetoric," chapt. 10 in A Companion to Roman Rhetoric, ed. W. J. Dominik and J. C. R. Hall (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), 122-35.
  • "At What Hour did the Murderers of Julius Caesar Gather on the Ides of March 44 B.C.?" in In Pursuit of Wissenschaft: Festschrift für William M. Calder III zum 75. Geburtstag, ed. Stephan Heilen et al. (Olms, 2008), 351-63. -- Download "Supplementary Tables" in PDF format
  • "Caesar as Proconsul: Politics at a Distance", chapt. 4 in A Companion to Julius Caesar, ed. Miriam Griffin (Oxford: Blackwell, 2009), 37-56– "Debate at a Distance: A Unique Rhetorical Strategy in Cicero's Thirteenth Philippic" in Form and Function in Roman Oratory, ed. D. H. Berry and Andrew Erskine (Cambridge University Press, 2010), 155-74.


  • Nino Marinone, Cronologia Ciceroniana. 2nd ed. rev. by Ermanno Malpaspina (Rome 2004). reviewed in Classical Philology 101 (2006) 424-29.
  • Asconius: Commentaries on Speeches by Cicero, translated with introduction and commentary by R. G. Lewis, Clarendon Ancient History Series (Oxford, 2006). reviewed in Classical Review 58 (2008), 456-58.
  • The invectives of Sallust and Cicero : critical edition with introduction, translation, and commentary, Anna A. Novokhatko. Berlin : Walter de Gruyter, 2009. reviewed in Journal of Roman Studies 100 (2010), 40-41.
  • Cicero's Philippics. History, Rhetoric and Ideology. ed. T. Stevenson and M. Wilson (Prudentia 37 and 38.). Auckland: Polygraphia Ltd, 2008. reviewed in Classical Review 61.1 (2010), 109-12.

Biographical Memoir:

  • of D(avid) R(oy) Shackleton Bailey (10 Dec. 1917-28 Nov. 2005), Pope Professor of the Latin Language and Literature (Harvard), Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 152.2 (2008) 268-78.
Work in Press:
  • articles for Virgil Encyclopedia (Wiley-Blackwell), ed. Richard Thomas and Jan Ziolkowski
    • "Astronomy" (983 words).
    • "Comet" (504 words).
    • "Oratory" (596 words).
  • articles for Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Wiley-Blackwell), ed. Roger Bagnall, Andrew Erskine, et al.
    • Marcus Antonius (RE 30)—Mark Antony—(1,470 words).
    • Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (RE 118)—(962 words).
  • "A Tribute to the Memory of Brian G. Marsden," International Comet Quarterly 1911 (2,000 words).

Work in Progress:

  • "The Jewish Revolt of Bar Kokhba (AD 132-135) and the Star of Antinous"
  • Commentary on Cicero's Philippics 10-14
  • new Loeb edition of Sallust, including all fragments of the Historiae (to be completed 1 September 2012)

Courses recently taught:

  • Classics 250 "Greek and Latin Epic Poetry" (in English translation)
  • Latin 299 "Sallust's Bellum Catilinae"
  • Classics 298 "The Rise to Power of Julius Caesar, General & Politician”
  • Latin 103 "Intermediate Latin I: Apuleius" Cupid & Psyche and Cicero's Somnium Scipionis"
  • Latin 299 "Latin Epistles: Pliny, Seneca, and Cicero" (in Latin)
  • Latin 104 "Intermediate Latin II: Ovid, selections from Metamorphoses"
  • Latin 299 "Virgil's Aeneid, books 2 and 6"
  • Latin 299 "Cicero's Second Philippic"
  • Latin 299 "Catullus: selections"
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