Mariam Babiker

Lecturer of Arabic


Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum & methods of teaching), International University of Africa-Sudan
Master of Arts in Teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, Khartoum International Institute for Arabic Language-Sudan
Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and its Literature, Omdurman University-Sudan 

Research Fields:

A program for teaching Arabic for specific purposes in the USA: the goals, principles & methods (Chicago city as a sample)
The role of Arabicization in Enriching the Arabic language
A comparison between two linguistic systems (Arabic and English)
Disliked Slang languages, Addressed by El-Siyoti

Courses Taught:

Elementary Arabic 101
Elementary Arabic   102
Intermediate Arabic   103
Intermediate Arabic   104

Recent Presentations:

  • Challenges of Speaking Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers: Presentation for ISNA forum-Chicago, 2009

  • The Necessary Elements of proficiency for teachers who teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers: Presentation for ISNA forum-Chicago, 2008                                                    

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Contact Information

Location: 1824 UH