Frank Redmond (Class of 2007)

Frank Redmond graduated from the Classics program in 2007 with honors. He presently works as a Project Coordinator for a business on Chicago's Near West Side.

He says, “My education in Classics has proven to be very useful in my position as a Project Coordinator. In my work, I am confronted by many different challenges, from many different areas of the business. My ability to wear simultaneously many hats in order to tackle these problems was augmented by my Classical training. In my present position, it is very important to have independent judgment, and the Classics program encouraged me to develop sound, solid skills of analysis, which have enabled me to make informed business decisions. Additionally, my training in Classics has equipped me not only to solve complex problems but also to see the big picture. Ancient Greek and Latin are not just to be studied for their own sake (as rewarding as that is). Everything has broader implications, especially advanced cultures from millennia ago. Studying Classics helps develop the habit of viewing everything in perspective, a quality greatly valued in the world of business.”