Craig Clifford, Latin and Chemistry (Class of 1995)

Craig Clifford , M.D., who graduated from UIC with a double major in Latin and Chemistry will be returning to UIC in fall 09 to pursue a PhD in Chemistry.

He says, “I started at UIC as a biology major. I had no clear idea about what course of study I wanted to pursue. I lacked focus and polish. To satisfy UIC's two-year foreign language requirement, I chose to study Latin. What very quickly became clear to me was that in studying Latin, and later ancient Greek and Classical literature, my professors did much more that simply teach me the content of a given course; they gave me the benefit of a solid education, one that prepared me to go out into the world and succeed at whatever I put my hand to. I learned how to speak, how to read, how to think critically thanks to a close study of ancient thinkers channeled through modern interpretation, which gave me the confidence to apply to medical school. I always received a certain "WOW" response from my interviewers when they learned of my studies in Greek and Latin; they were genuinely impressed. What tended to give me an edge over stiff competition and set me apart from the rest was my Classics degree, which demonstrated intellectual curiosity on my part beyond the field of medicine and a willingness to pursue a rigorous and very rewarding course of study.”